The industry players are increasingly urged to adopt value-based approach in today’s healthcare in order to position themselves for success while reducing healthcare costs and improving health outcomes. We help develop and implement effective communication strategies and better interaction with stakeholders, including payers, clinicians and patients. The omni-channel experience we offer blends promotion, monitoring and feedback. The training programs and post-marketing studies are aimed at engaging and educating clinicians and contribute to uptake of new health technologies. The patient support programs and services ensure better adherence and improved treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. This type of integrated approach encompassing the key target groups and areas results in the sustainable market growth for our clients.

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  • How do you ensure a new health technology is efficiently adapted for use by clinicians?
  • What is the best way to implement an omni-channel strategy for marketing and sales?
  • Do you need to customize your messages for particular audience segments?
  • How do you communicate the value of your product to policy-makers?
  • How can you make a treatment accessible to a greater number of patients?
  • What should be done to establish efficient patient routing?
  • What tools will help increase patient compliance?
  • How can you make information provided to patients more comprehensible and clear?
Introducing new healthcare technologies
Developing and implementing awareness-raising and training campaigns targeted at HCPs to introduce new healthcare technologies:
Omnichannel campaigns utilizing integrated CRM platform
Postmarketing studies
Adaptation/customisation of key messages for different communication channels
Identifying HCPs and patients’ needs and providing relevant insights
Feedback-based approach to ensure greater efficiency
Постоянное повышение эффективности на основе обратной связи
Increasing patient satisfaction
Developing and implementing patient-oriented programs to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction:

Integrated personalized management

  • Patient specific adherence monitoring
  • Remote monitoring using telemedicine
  • Home training

Reducing financial burden

  • Discount options for patients
  • Legal support

Improving access to care

  • Patient routing
  • Diagnostic programs

Basic level: providing information

  • Outreach programs to increase patient awareness about the disease, diagnosis and treatment
Personalized approach
General approach
Personalized approach
General approach
Feedback-based approach to ensure greater efficiency
Tools and solutions
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Stakeholder mapping: targeting regions, clinics, KOLs and clinicians
  • Postmarketing studies
  • Organizing events
  • PR/ GR
  • PSPs
  • Socially oriented projects
  • GPs
  • Specialists
  • Patients / relatives
  • Patients/ patients’ relatives
  • Mid-level healthcare providers
  • Federal and regional KOLs
  • Government and healthcare officials